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Geraldine Wijsbeek

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Waallaan 20, 9606 RM Kropswolde, The Netherlands

  • FIPI Master, Image Consultant, Fashion Feng-shui

About Geraldine Wijsbeek

Geraldine Wijsbeek -ffipi-mffs-wye coach-face reader-nine-star-ki coach.
As an Image Trainer/coach-Fashion Feng Shui Master-Face reader and NSKi coach would I like to share with you a short but passionate insight in the methods that I teach.
After more than 22 years’ experience in Image Consulting and 14 years in Fashion Feng Shui© I love teaching and sharing what I learned & am still learning. It is all about getting the best out of my students, while coaching them to become a true Image Professional with interesting subjects on personalities of people.
Geraldine’s special approach: By touching on the differences between personalities, it helps with understanding to get more insight why others behave the way they are.
The learning outcome: My students will be able to bring to the surface the special qualities from their clients inner to their outer self.
My students of the FFS Facilitator training learn how to show their clients a real reflection to the outside world through the innovative knowledge of FashionFengShui® that will bring unparalleled benefits.
Possible training sessions at the moment:
o Advanced four sessions Online-training on an in-debt Colour knowledge through
the energy of people, in Dutch or English
o Training in Dutch and English on the FFS Curriculum becoming an FFS facilitator
Training from the first of September 2021:
o Complete Online training becoming an Image Professional via our platform:
o Coaching with special orchestrated programs on the effects on the health and well-being of individuals in the workplace.
*The New Website and more details on will be ready in September.
Our training is given with passion & love, contact via:
Phone: +31655813098