Training & Education

It’s not all hands bags and glad rags!

We believe that Education and Training are an essential part of being successful in the image industry. Setting yourself apart with formal qualifications also gives you a boost in confidence to market your business successfully, charge competitive rates and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

The FIPI Master Program

FIPI offers the opportunity to qualify for the FIPI Master Award in Image Consultancy and/or the FIPI Master Award in International Business Etiquette. Both FIPI Masters

Internationally recognised, the FIPI Master’s Award is a significant accomplishment and demonstrates your commitment to delivering the very best experience for your clients.

Potential customers can instantly see that you are able to deliver the very highest standards and professionalism.

FIPI Master Award in Image Consultancy

To qualify for the FIPI Master Award in Image Consultancy the candidate must have been assessed as competent in four modules of Image Consultancy.

Choose four of the following modules to be accepted into the program.

  • 001 Colour Analysis
  • 002 Female Style and Body Analysis
  • 003 Male Style and Body Analysis
  • 004 Tuition in Cosmetic Application
  • 005 Personal Shopping
  • 006 Wardrobe Management

Undertaking the accreditation process requires a consultant to be experienced and knowledgeable in 1:1 consulting.

For costs and additional information on the FIPI Master Award in Image Consultancy, click here.

FIPI Master Award in International Business Etiquette

To qualify for the FIPI Master Award in International Business Etiquette the candidate must provide a Certificate issued by Protocol Today for successful completion of the Executive Program ‘The Power of Image in International Business Etiquette’ with Protocol Today.

FIPI will then issue the FIPI Master Award in International Business Etiquette.

Failing to complete the Executive Program successfully Protocol Today will only issue a Certificate of Participation to the candidate.

The Executive Program  ‘The Power of Image in International Business Etiquette’ comprises of four Masterclasses of four hours each.

Each Masterclass is split into two sessions of two hours each. The Executive Program and Assessment will be delivered online via ZOOM by Protocol Today.

The four Masterclasses are:

  1. Dress code: Dress to impress;
  2. Etiquette in Business Communication: unforgettable impressions;
  3. Gift Giving Etiquette in Business: Giving & receiving gifts with impact;
  4. Dining Etiquette: Enjoy, connect and avoid unpleasant situations.


May   7-8                      Dress-code
May   9-10                   Etiquette in Business Communication
May   14-15                Gift Giving Etiquette in Business
May   16-17                Dining Etiquette


For FIPI members

FIPI Master Executive Program                                 £1,250
Assessment & Examination                                           £   200

For non-members

FIPI Master Executive Program                                  £1,750
Assessment & Examination                                            £   250


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Accredited Training providers

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FIPI Continuous Professional Development Program

What is CPD?

The Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program is designed to enable
members to successfully develop their career as an Image Professional within FIPI.

The goal is to help members develop their skills, knowledge and experience as image professionals, and reassure clients that FIPI members provide a level of quality and professional service worth investing in.

This program aims to encourage members to be active, lifelong learners, taking responsibility for their own personal development within our supportive, professional community. CPD points can be earned by completing a variety of educational and learning activities, maintaining your professional practice, and engaging in the FIPI community. We encourage members to complete activities that cover all of these areas.

Who is CPD for?

CPD applies to all members, except retired members. Initially we are inviting all members to voluntarily participate in the CPD program, with the view to making it a requirement for FIPI membership in due course.


Become a FIPI Associate


The first step is to read our FIPI Code of Ethics. Please also read through FIPI’s Continuous Professional Development Programme and outline. As soon as you fill in our registration form below and pay your chosen membership package fee, your details will come directly to our Membership Director who will ensure all the details are uploaded to set up your professional online profile with FIPI. You will then be contacted and supplied with a link to your live profile and introduced to all the benefits of FIPI membership.