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The first step is to read our FIPI Code of Ethics. Please also read through FIPI’s Continuous Professional Development Programme and outline. As soon as you fill in our registration form below and pay your chosen membership package fee, your details will come directly to our Membership Director who will ensure all the details are uploaded to set up your professional online profile with FIPI. You will then be contacted and supplied with a link to your live profile and introduced to all the benefits of FIPI membership.


Choosing to become part of our community means you’ll never have to work alone again.

How do we know that?

Because we have all been in your very stylish shoes. Each member of FIPI, including our board, are solopreneurs.
We understand that setting up a business can be overwhelming, costly and a steep learning curve. Without a proven method or pathway to becoming a successful Image Professional, aspiring individuals like you may never reach their full potential, and our industry will suffer as a result.

All of our initiatives, programs and educational resources are especially created to help you achieve your business goals.  



Who is FIPI for?

FIPI is for every image consultant, worldwide, who wants to raise the profile of their business and align themselves with a globally recognised, professional body.

If you’d like to grow your business, get more leads and learn how to develop your relationships with long-term customers, FIPI can help. Plus, every member has the opportunity to further their image education; whether you’re ready to embark on our Masters’ program or take a vocational course, joining the FIPI community will be a great fit for you.


The benefits of FIFI membership.

Becoming a FIPI member will enable you to accelerate the growth of your own image business. We focus on helping each member to generate more leads, develop a strong client base and build a solid foundation from which they can create a successful future. 

Joining our community of likeminded business owners is also mutually beneficial in promoting productivity, well-being and overcoming the obstacles that prevent business owners from achieving their goals. Join us and never work alone again.  

what's included?


Community: Never feel alone again with a supportive and friendly team of likeminded image professionals to cheer you on.


Awareness: Accelerate your marketing efforts by joining the worldwide FIPI directory and promote your business to a wider audience.


Mentorship Scheme: Our successful partnerships allow members to learn from one another over 12 months while working towards a set of clearly defined goals.


Networking: There are endless opportunities to explore the FIPI community, share ideas and develop a wealth of knowledge on specialist subjects from across the globe.


Credibility: Promote yourself as a professional and not a player in your field of expertise and become synonymous with excellence. Download the current FIPI logo from the Members hub and add it to your website.



Broaden your skills and confidence with our quality assured Master's program, vocational training courses and mentorship groups. Apply for FIPI MASTER AWARD IN IMAGE CONSULTANCY or FIPI MASTER AWARD IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ETIQUETTE.


Events: Both online and in-person, we host an exciting range of events delivered by professional trainers, speakers, and authorities within the industry.   Log into the "Members Hub" to find all the past video webinars.


Blogs & Articles: Spread the word on your specialist subjects by writing content for our website. From advice, top tips, and industry news you can build a reputation of authority. Reach out to to share your articles or if you have any questions.

” The words that come to mind to describe the journey between mentor and mentee are immense joy.  Immense joy at being able to help and support new image consultants as they move forward with their companies.”

Jenny Webb. A FIPI Mentor for over 3 years


” Appearing for the Masters Award was a very enriching experience. The best part about the assessment what that everything is very transparent and there is no room for any discrepancy”

Suman.R.Agarwal. Masters graduate 


” I love FIPI! The conversations are always good. It keeps me inspired to learn and read about different aspects of becoming an image professional.”




Further Training & Education