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Founded and managed by an Executive Team, the board comprises experienced experts within their chosen field.

As a not-for-profit organisation, each board member is keen to share their knowledge, support the industry and create an accessible, equal, and diverse community for its members.

Each of our friendly board members manages their own image business and are respected in their sector as influencers and mentors. As a collective, their mission is to uphold the values of our organisation and develop the FIPI Group’s awareness, support the members and grow the global community of image and style professionals.

Who would you like to meet?

FIPI President

Snjezana Maclean

It’s truly an honour to lead the amazing community of image professionals at FIPI. Within FIPI, we’re more than just members – we’re friends who share our journeys together.

As Chair, my role involves keeping things running smoothly while we aim to grow at lightning speed. I’m here to support my fellow colleagues and ensure we’re always putting our members first. Together, we’re crafting a solid plan for FIPI’s future success.

If you have any new ideas or initiatives please do reach out so we can start a conversation and make sure our Image Industry gets recognised for the important work we all do with thousands of men and women around the world!



Gemma Bourne

I have always loved helping to make people look and feel great! With many years of experience in fashion and my professional training in image consultancy, colours and style analysis, my aim has always been to empower my clients to gain the knowledge and confidence to create and achieve that very important “first impression” in every situation.
It has always been very important for me to make sure that my clients have a successful, fun and enjoyable perfect shopping trip with no costly mistakes.
My role as Vice-President is to support the president and all the other board members, these are fabulous, dedicated and strong ladies who are doing an amazing job for the organisation.

“I feel very blessed to have been chosen for this inspiring and fulfilling role. It has definitely been a pleasure! “


Director of Communication

Gabriela Rye

Greetings, Style Enthusiasts and esteemed members of the Federation of Image Professionals International (FIPI)! I am Gabriela Rye, a passionate personal stylist hailing from the vibrant neighbourhood of Notting Hill, London. As a mother of three beautiful children, I have gracefully navigated the world of fashion while curating my own personal styling business, Glow In Style Ltd., specializing in maternity fashion.

I am thrilled to embark on this journey as your Communication Director, and I look forward to weaving a tapestry of effective communication that strengthens our FIPI family.

My role encompasses a multitude of responsibilities, from crafting a quarterly newsletter that keeps you abreast of the latest trends and FIPI updates to managing event communications for both members and non-members. You’ll find my touch on various social media platforms – the FIPI Facebook Hub, FIPI Facebook public page, FIPI LinkedIn group, and FIPI Instagram – where we’ll share the vibrancy of our image professional community.

I am also committed to enhancing our online presence by spearheading changes to the website, ensuring seamless access to event details and valuable resources such as webinar recordings in the Library.


International Director French & Arabic Language

Shirley Shalaby

I consider myself a true pioneer in the field of Global Image Consulting, having embarked on this career journey during the inception of the profession. I have left my mark in Montreal, Calgary, Houston, and London, contributing to the evolution of the Image Consulting field.

In 1990, I established my business in Cairo, independently building the first Finishing and Modelling Academy in the Middle East, named “Shirley Shalaby Academy.

With over three decades of expertise in modelling, coaching models and beauty contestants, providing training, enhancing assertiveness, conducting private and group Corporate Etiquette sessions, and successfully completing the authorship of three books, I now feel prepared to take on the role of International Director for French and Arabic languages at FIPI.

As the International Director for French and Arabic languages, my objective is to contribute to FIPI’s exposure and elevate the reputation of Image Consultants on a global scale. I am enthusiastic about the prospect of serving in this capacity and fostering collaboration within our community.

Finance Director

Vacant position – if you are interested please email President for more details. 


Int. Director (Spanish) 

Maria Pilar Malverde

Since I was very young, I knew that I wanted to work in something related to image, fashion, trends, and that didn’t change when I started to grow up; on the contrary, it became an even stronger desire. When I turned 18, with the help of my parents, I started in this wonderful world: I always saw it as a profession that would help people make the best out of themselves, inside and out.
As International Spanish Speaking Director, my mission is to empower the extensive FIPI community in Latin America. A role that I fulfil with great passion and pride.
This year, we are working to incorporate members from Chile and different countries and give more relevance to the international Master certification.

“Today, I can proudly say that I have fulfilled all my dreams over the years, and now I have the opportunity to help other professionals achieve the same.”


Membership Director

Ebiemi Ibierela

Ebiemi Fubara Ibierela is passionate about Apperance, behaviour and communications skills of individuals.  I develop programmes which builds, raises, inspires, equips and empowers healthy self-image in my clients.  As an Image Consultant, I work with Companies and individuals by proffering solutions to their Image needs, professional presence, business protocols and ethics and equip them with knowledge in the ABC’s of Image to succeed in a competitive world.

Again, through the EFI Charm and Civility Academy, I am resolute in raising the finest class of ladies and gentlemen in our society, equipping and empowering society with the knowledge of civil manners and etiquette. She administers over groups where she offers advice on Image, style, etiquette, social graces and civility.

As Membership Director I will be responsible for growing and maintaining the membership of FIPI, and solicit improvement feedback to retain existing members as well as ensuring that members enjoy the best benefits of their membership. Also, I am poised to foster a cordial and symphonic working relationship with members of the Board to make FIPI the choice umbrella for Image professional globally.


Events Director for FIPI

Nevo Burrell

My purpose is much more than putting you in the latest trends and more of an INSIDE OUT service – HEALING, RESILIENCE, and CONFIDENCE. Post breast cancer treatment, I realised that there was no provision to help thrivers with body confidence. This realisation led me to think about dressing for healing. I believe that dressing well is a form of self-care, and it is crucial for overall wellbeing.

Now, I help female cancer thrivers, but not exclusively, and survivors of other trauma cope with the effects of diagnosis and treatment through style.

I am passionate about making my clients look fabulous and feel great, no matter the age or physical condition. I believe that age or physicality does not restrict a person’s right to look amazing!

I love colours and enjoy experimenting with creating new combinations. I believe in shopping in my wardrobe and shopping sensibly.

As Events Director, my role is to organise learning opportunities and social events for FIPI members.


Events Director for FIPI

Kasia Hornby

The transforming power of colour, fabric, individuality and elegance, the way I see it, has always seemed greater than fashion trends, both back in my teenage Poland and later in European cities of Paris, Marseille and London where I lived together with the numerous great international cities I visited.

My personal growth was greatly assisted by my desire to become an Image and Fashion Feng Shui consultant and Reiki (level2).  It has expanded my outlook towards power of non-verbal communication and image. I am drawn to fashion psychology and wardrobe wellbeing as tools towards self-love, confidence, inner balance and being present.  I strive to enthuse my clients with importance of feeling right in the clothes they wear and thriving on dressing their unique self of now.

It is an honour to be part of the leadership team of this great organisation where we, as group, aim to inspire and support our membership towards professional excellence to assist their clients.


General Board Member

Geraldine Wijsbeek

Being a board member for over 10 years has given me many amazing experiences. I have loved being in touch with our members to guide, listen, and support their industry challenges.
My different roles, first as European and now an International board member, while watching the growth of FIPI, has really shown me the power of believing in who we are at our core.
Serving as President, I was very fortunate to have the support of Elisabeth, our current President. Elisabeth has done an amazing job of coaching the current Board members in their roles. Following my time as President, I took the role over from Pauline as Accreditation director. We established a special bond that will last a lifetime; together with Elisabeth, our FIPI community is more like a family.

“I am delighted to hold this special position on the board to support when needed, which allows me to connect and talk about Fipi while sharing how well everybody is doing on the board and throughout our international community.”

Accreditation Director

Elisabeth Kaempffer

“I love my work as an image professional.
It is the most rewarding job I have done in my life.’



” I have been a FIPI member for 25 years! Over these years I have been President, an Assessor and continue to be an ATP. I love the community, education and camaraderie that FIPI provides. It is so important to have these resources available to independent Image Consultants and personal Stylists, because it can be lonely out there on your own.”

GAIL MORGAN. FIPI member for 25 years.


“I like FIPI because the members are international and collegial. It feels good to be able to share information and resources, ask for help, and refer one another.”

TAMMY PARISH. FIPI member for 3 years.


“Being a member of FIPI, a group dedicated to upholding professional standards, ethics and continual professional development, is key to my business. It gives my clients and students the confidence that, as I take my business seriously, I will take their style seriously too. It immediately allows for a level of trust and confidentiality which is a prime requirement in the consultation process and helps to ensure that the results more than match their expectations.”

MARIE-ANNE LECOUER. FIPI member for 2 years.


“Together we can do so much”
Helen Keller

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