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Founded and managed by an Executive Team, the board comprises experienced experts within their chosen field.

As a not-for-profit organisation, each board member is keen to share their knowledge, support the industry and create an accessible, equal, and diverse community for its members.

Each of our friendly board members manages their own image business and are respected in their sector as influencers and mentors. As a collective, their mission is to uphold the values of our organisation and develop the FIPI Group’s awareness, support the members and grow the global community of image and style professionals.

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FIPI President

Elisabeth Kaempffer

It’s my privilege to be the Chair of the leading international community of image professionals. At FIPI, we consider our members’ friends with whom we share our experiences.
My role includes fulfilling the association’s statutory obligations while adapting the organisational structure within the rapid expansion of FIPI.
As Chair of the Board, it is my task to facilitate and assist my colleagues in their work and encourage them to benefit members. Working together, we create a solid strategy for FIPI’s future growth.

“I love my work as an image professional.
It is the most rewarding job I have done in my life.’



Gemma Bourne

I have always loved helping to make people look and feel great! With many years of experience in fashion and my professional training in image consultancy, colours and style analysis, my aim has always been to empower my clients to gain the knowledge and confidence to create and achieve that very important “first impression” in every situation.
It has always been very important for me to make sure that my clients have a successful, fun and enjoyable perfect shopping trip with no costly mistakes.
My role as Vice-President is to support the president and all the other board members, these are fabulous, dedicated and strong ladies who are doing an amazing job for the organisation.

“I feel very blessed to have been chosen for this inspiring and fulfilling role. It has definitely been a pleasure! “


Finance Director

Snjezana Maclean

Even as a little girl, I was always interested in fashion and beauty. I can remember reading and collecting the Croatian magazine SVIJET (World), full of glamourous photographs and interesting articles about fashion and clothes. It was my window into the world of glamour and style.
But I never imagined that my vocation would be this wonderful world of colour and style until I came to live in London and started a retail career in 1990.
Since I started my own fashion retail business, which then developed into the fashion styling business, I realised the impact that clothes can have on our wellbeing and happiness is enormous.
I was keen to share my passion for good quality clothes with others who struggle with the concept of looking good and feeling great by wearing appropriate colours and appropriate clothes.
My role in FIPI is Finance Director. I got involved with the Federation to help share our message and grow our member community.

“I am very keen to raise awareness and revenue so that FIPI can continue to mentor, teach and develop our young industry and the next generations of Image Professionals for the future.”


International Director

Rachel Brier

As International Director my role is to welcome image professionals into our FIPI family from around the globe, encouraging the growth of local hubs for events and support, and drawing on the global diversity of our members to move the whole industry forward. I believe that helping individuals dress well can make the world a better place. Serving on the FIPI Board means that my work can have a global impact and together, we can support Image Professionals all over the world in their life-changing work.

“By cherishing artisans, caring for factory workers, getting creative with materials and challenging the status quo we can dress our way to a brighter and more beautiful future for everyone.”


Int. Director (Portuguese) 

Juliana Bacellar

Image Consulting was a part of my life even before becoming aware of what the profession was really about. When I was very young, I worked at my mother’s clothing shop, helped the customers with their purchases, selected the best pieces for each person, and understood what would suit them. As my passion grew, I decided to take my first course in Image Consulting and Personal Styling in 2009, and I fell in love with the profession.
I am currently a Master Image Consultant, a certificated member of FIPI and owner of JB Academy, the largest school in Image Consulting. I teach national and international courses (in New York, Milan and Paris), of which over 4.000 students from across the globe have graduated.

“I still have maintain the same purpose that motivated me in my mother’s shop so many years ago: I wish to awaken the maximum power of women through Image Consulting.”


Int. Director (Spanish) 

Maria Pilar Malverde

Since I was very young, I knew that I wanted to work in something related to image, fashion, trends, and that didn’t change when I started to grow up; on the contrary, it became an even stronger desire. When I turned 18, with the help of my parents, I started in this wonderful world: I always saw it as a profession that would help people make the best out of themselves, inside and out.
As International Spanish Speaking Director, my mission is to empower the extensive FIPI community in Latin America. A role that I fulfil with great passion and pride.
This year, we are working to incorporate members from Chile and different countries and give more relevance to the international Master certification.

“Today, I can proudly say that I have fulfilled all my dreams over the years, and now I have the opportunity to help other professionals achieve the same.”


Membership Director

Sarah van Dort

As a Personal Stylist working with private clients, my passion lies in helping women to feel confident enough to go out and achieve their personal, business and relationship goals. I will show them what colours make them look healthy and vibrant and what shapes and styles work best on their body. Before this, I spend time with them finding out about their lifestyle, their loves and passions and how they want to feel in the clothes they wear, that is always the starting point for me and I look at styling in a very holistic way.

As Membership Director I have 2 main roles. Firstly, it’s to help you, the member, get the best experience you can from your membership and to answer any queries you may have. Second, to work with my colleagues on The Board to grow the FIPI membership and to build the brand to keep our status as one of the world’s best Image Professional Bodies.

“I’m here to help every member have the very best experience with FIPI “


Events Director for FIPI

Nevo Burrell

My purpose is much more than putting you in the latest trends and more of an INSIDE OUT service – HEALING, RESILIENCE, and CONFIDENCE. Post breast cancer treatment, I realised that there was no provision to help thrivers with body confidence. This realisation led me to think about dressing for healing. I believe that dressing well is a form of self-care, and it is crucial for overall wellbeing.

Now, I help female cancer thrivers, but not exclusively, and survivors of other trauma cope with the effects of diagnosis and treatment through style.

I am passionate about making my clients look fabulous and feel great, no matter the age or physical condition. I believe that age or physicality does not restrict a person’s right to look amazing!

I love colours and enjoy experimenting with creating new combinations. I believe in shopping in my wardrobe and shopping sensibly.

As Events Director, my role is to organise learning opportunities and social events for FIPI members.


General Board Member

Geraldine Wijsbeek

Being a board member for over 10 years has given me many amazing experiences. I have loved being in touch with our members to guide, listen, and support their industry challenges.
My different roles, first as European and now an International board member, while watching the growth of FIPI, has really shown me the power of believing in who we are at our core.
Serving as President, I was very fortunate to have the support of Elisabeth, our current President. Elisabeth has done an amazing job of coaching the current Board members in their roles. Following my time as President, I took the role over from Pauline as Accreditation director. We established a special bond that will last a lifetime; together with Elisabeth, our FIPI community is more like a family.

“I am delighted to hold this special position on the board to support when needed, which allows me to connect and talk about Fipi while sharing how well everybody is doing on the board and throughout our international community.”

Communication Team Member 

Joanna Medley



” I have been a FIPI member for 25 years! Over these years I have been President, an Assessor and continue to be an ATP. I love the community, education and camaraderie that FIPI provides. It is so important to have these resources available to independent Image Consultants and personal Stylists, because it can be lonely out there on your own.”

GAIL MORGAN. FIPI member for 25 years.


“I like FIPI because the members are international and collegial. It feels good to be able to share information and resources, ask for help, and refer one another.”

TAMMY PARISH. FIPI member for 3 years.


“Being a member of FIPI, a group dedicated to upholding professional standards, ethics and continual professional development, is key to my business. It gives my clients and students the confidence that, as I take my business seriously, I will take their style seriously too. It immediately allows for a level of trust and confidentiality which is a prime requirement in the consultation process and helps to ensure that the results more than match their expectations.”

MARIE-ANNE LECOUER. FIPI member for 2 years.


“Together we can do so much”
Helen Keller

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