Our Purpose

The FIPI community exists to unify image professionals across the globe.

We’re committed to raising the standards within our profession, educating our members and create a global awareness of our industry.

We believe that by nurturing relationships and working in partnership with our peers, we can build and develop sustainable foundations which ultimately lead towards a sustainable future everyone. 

We believe in Style & Substance

We believe communities nurture passion, education and promote global awareness for the ideals we hold. By sharing and coming together with like-minded individuals, we can create collaborations with far greater reach than if we work alone.

The image industry is not simply about style, colours and trends; it is so much more.

Your image can empower you, instil confidence, nurture inner strength and inspire creativity while giving great joy, beauty and peace.

We want to encourage everyone to embrace their individuality and be the best ‘YOU’ that you can possibly be.

Our Values

Underpinning our organisation is a set of beliefs that align our long-term goal of a sustainable future with our community’s development.

The four cornerstones of the FIPI organisation, our values are central to our aspirations of having a significant and influential impact on the image profession.


At the centre of everything we do is our community. We know that together, we are stronger.

We strive to weave together all the strands of our industry and create a tangible vision greater than any individual can achieve alone. Facing challenges, overcoming obstacles and celebrating successes becomes easier when we share common goals and connect the dots.

Embracing the fundamental components of mutual respect, collaboration and ambition, we believe in raising the bar and achieving our goals together.



Given freely and widely we know that support is essential to encourage and motivate our aspiring colleagues.

Our friendly community nurtures a culture of shared information, advice and valuable knowledge through collaboration and connectivity. No matter where you are geographically we consider every FIPI member part of the family.

We offer a broad spectrum of formal support with our Master’s qualification and our Mentorship program. Plus we have more informal groups including our monthly events, newsletters and workshops.


We’re passionate about fostering change and developing innovative solutions that engage consumers and influence the industry.

Education and awareness are crucial in allowing us to strike the balance that ensures we can continue doing the work we love without negatively impacting our planet.

From manufacturing and marketing through to distribution, environmental and socio-economic changes must be made sooner rather than later to create a sustainable future.



We aspire towards excellence. Striving daily to surpass standards and expectations the FIPI community are encouraged to challenge the industry and their peers to become leaders in service, product and performance quality.


We believe that aiming for progress, not perfection allows us to continually question ‘Can we do better?’


" The Master's program has drastically helped my business to expand and gain trust from my clients, knowing they are in good hands. I hope you will take that step too. Trust me, you will not regret it."

Toshiko Kobatake. FIPI Member and Master's Graduate.

" I would encourage every single individual who is serious about their business to become fully qualified as a Master. Why? Because my belief is that this will ensure not only technical competence, but it also drives personal confidence and ensures professional success."

Sarah Brummitt. FIPI Member and Masters Graduate

" Well, I have done it! I have achieved the Master Status in Image Consultancy and I can tell you now there are only 18 of us in the whole wide world! I am accredited by City & Guilds and also by FIPI. Delighted is an understatement!"

Jo Haley. FIPI Member and Masters Graduate

FIPI members are passionate people: We’re joined by a single vision of helping other people find an authentic style that they wear like a second skin. It’s not all about the clothes, well sometimes it is, but it’s about finding your best YOU!

Our clients not only find new ways to shop, dress and piece together a good look, but they also discover a new found confidence, excitement and joy in living their best life.

If this resonates with you and your values, you’d make a great addition to the FIPI community.

“Claire is amazing! I literally have no words! She has transformed the way I see my self and the clothes I wear! I booked Claire for a colour consultation and a wardrobe consult – she was professional and friendly and gave me some great advice!


& Motivate