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Your career as an image professional starts here. We’ll help you to develop your skills, expertise and confidence within our supportive community. Whether you choose to follow our Masters program or vocational training, everything you need is here.



Brimming with qualified professionals that provide service excellence, our directory is a trusted resource.
From professional branding and personal styling to editorial, film and tv specialists we’ve got you covered.



Dedicated to raising industry standards, we provide inspiration, education and support to our member community. Benefits include proven methods to build your business, discounts on industry software, regular events, a mentoring program and much more.


A global community with members at its heart

FIPI is dedicated to ensuring the reputation of image professionals worldwide is synonymous with trust and excellence.

Our commitment is three-fold: Deliver invaluable resources for image professionals, create a central hub for clients to source expert services and develop a deeper awareness of our profession for those outside our industry.  initiatives that form a deeper understanding of our industry.

The FIPI members community is at the centre of our ethos: Learn, grow and thrive using initiatives specifically designed to promote, educate, and support you on your journey.

Our aspirations are bold but equally achievable: From our master’s program and accreditation to embracing the latest innovations and insights, our impact on the industry is profoundly positive, and our influence, global.

As the industry evolves, so do we. Through continuous development and a collective desire to embrace innovation, insight and expertise, we are confident of a sustainable future.

We believe that together, we can make a difference


Raising the bar

Our mission is to establish the global benchmark for industry standards in best practice, professional etiquette and accreditation.

We’re passionate about raising the industry profile and believe that strengthening individual ability and knowledge leads to a stronger industry overall.

We seek to inspire and motivate others to grow professional and personally based on The FIPI group’s fundamental values:

Community, Support, Sustainability and Excellence. 

Through a process of mutual respect, collaboration and ambition, we aim to raise the bar beyond expectations. As a result the Image profession will become recognised as a specialist industry delivering quality and service excellence to every client, worldwide. 


Elisabeth Kaempffer


“It’s truly an honour to lead the amazing community of image professionals at FIPI. Within FIPI, we’re more than just members – we’re friends who share our journeys together”

” I believe being a member of FIPI and gaining Masters status was the key that has unlocked the door to my success.”


Lynne Nicoll

The Power of a Collective Ambition


We want to put the image and style industry firmly on the map. In every country, we aim to raise the industry’s standards, profile, and awareness to generate a greater understanding of what we do, develop individual careers and accelerate business growth for our members.

At the very centre of our vision is our community. By bringing together all specialists and niche disciplines within our industry under a unified platform, we can increase knowledge, creativity, collaboration and mutual respect.

As a result, the FIPI Group are recognised as a global authority with our members sought after for their expertise and professionalism: Delivering confidence, quality and service excellence every time.

We envisage every member raising their ambition and voice while contributing to the collective knowledge and expertise. By embracing diversity, inclusivity, and equality, we’re confident that every individual has the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of one another and use this to increase their influence, creativity and style.

We believe this is the future of our industry.

Together we inspire

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The benefits are endless, but primarily you’ll gain the confidence and collaborative opportunities to grow a resilient and dynamic business of your own.
Our members include talented and inspirational people from every specialism who wish to create a sustainable and bright future in image and style.

” I love FIPI! The conversations are always good. It keeps me inspired to learn and read about different aspects of becoming an image professional.”

Donna Camron

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