How to Dress Petite Fit & Style by Christine Jones

DATE: 11 January 2024

Time: 19:00 GMPT

Standing at just 4ft 10 ins tall, Chris Jones always had trouble finding clothes that fit properly. Realising that she wasn’t the only one with this issue (45% of women are less than 5ft 4ins) she made it her mission to help other petite women find clothes that both flatter and fit.

With a rich background spanning various retail brands such as Hobbs, LKBennett, and Mint Velvet, Chris honed expertise not only in the industry but also in the transformative power of colour and style.

For Chris, it’s about more than just finding the right-sized clothes. She’s passionate about helping petite women feel confident, whether they’re working or retired. She guides them past limited options to clothes that make them feel empowered and noticed, not just fitting in the kids’ section.

Operating exclusively online, Chris caters to a global clientele, crafting carefully curated wardrobes tailored to individual lifestyles and body shapes.

The ultimate goal? Granting clients the confidence to dress stylishly and achieve their dreams.