Is There An Expert in the House?

DATE: Tuesday the 30th of April

Time: 19:00 GMPT

In this presentation, Craig Nordstrom, the co-founder of Hue & Stripe, will help you simplify your marketing by focusing on one aspect – who it is you are speaking to. We will walk through 3 different approaches to discover or refine who you serve and where you can find them. Those who master this principle enjoy working with clients who are a great fit, which in turn increases referrals, creating a powerful flywheel for success.

This will be an interactive session, so please come with the types of clients you have served or want to serve in mind (or better yet, on paper). Be ready to jot down ideas for areas to explore as you seek to become and then communicate that you are the expert for the specific clients you serve

We’ll have a follow-up session a few weeks later to share successes applying these principles and to get help in reaching your ideal client. So be prepared to take action during and after the session.

Craig Nordstrom is the co-founder of Hue & Stripe and leads Community Building. He’s leveraged his business background to help over 2000 stylists and image consultants grow their service-driven business. He resides in beautiful Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife and 4 young children (ages 6,4,3, and 2), where you can frequently spot them outdoors, especially hiking and kayaking

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