Personal Branding… aka what others say about us behind our backs!

DATE: Wed, 28 Feb 2024

Time: 19:00 – 20:00 GMPT

With a wealth of experience as both an entrepreneur and a seasoned personal stylist, Sarah brings a unique perspective to personal branding, rooted in her entrepreneurial journey.

Having successfully owned, grown, and ultimately sold a thriving women’s networking business, Sarah van Dort understands the importance of building, and owning, your personal brand.

FIPI are delighted that Sarah is going to share with us her unique perspective of Personal Branding: What it is. Who it’s for. How to define and refine your Personal Brand. The differences and similarities of personal branding and personal styling. The importance of personal branding in our own business and for your clients. How a personal brand should be used in all visuals and communications both online and in person.

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