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Helen Turnpenny

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Fayre Oak, Southampton Rd, Hythe, Southampton SO45 5AD, UK

  • Image Consultant, Personal Stylist

About Helen Turnpenny

I am an award-winning personal stylist and colour and make-up consultant with Colour me Beautiful. I can help you to find your most flattering colours, make-up and styles to make the most of what you’ve already got! A consultation with me will leave you feeling more confident, stylish and well-put together. Many people get stuck in a rut, still wearing colours and styles that may have suited them years ago when perhaps their hair or skin tones were different. I have had many clients who have come in barely able to look at themselves in the mirror, leaving my studio with head held high and a spring in their step.

From an NHS background in therapy and training I became a personal stylist. Many of the skills I acquired in these fields are still very relevant – I am able to listen sympathetically to your needs and help you find your best look, whether you have been through a life change and need a confidence boost, or just feel that you need an update.