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Nevo Burrell

Image Consultant and Stylist at Nevo Concept Image & Style Consultancy

London, UK

  • Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper, Men’s Stylist, Editorial Stylist, Fashion Stylist, Colour Consultant, Film/TV Stylist, Maternity Stylist

About Nevo Burrell

Hello, I am Nevo, a London-based Image Consultant. My purpose is much more than putting you in the latest trends, and more of an INSIDE OUT service – HEALING, RESILIENCE, and CONFIDENCE. Post breast cancer treatment, I realised that there was no provision to help thrivers with body confidence. This realisation led me to think about dressing for healing. I believe that dressing well is a form of self-care, and it is crucial for overall wellbeing.

Now, I help cancer thrivers, and survivors of other trauma cope with the effects of diagnosis and treatment through style.

I am passionate about making my clients look fabulous and feel great, no matter the age or physical condition. I believe that age or physicality does not restrict a person’s right to look fabulous!

I’ve been interested in fashion and image consultation since I was a child (though, I did not know there was a name for it at the time). My flair for colour coordination, styling, fashion and grooming meant that friends and family members (both genders) came to me for advice.

I worked in the retail industry in stores such as Selfridges, Dickens & Jones and House of Fraser, giving honest one-on-one advice to clients (years before it became a phenomenon). I wrote features on upcoming African fashion designers and gave fashion tips for the African Times. I trained at Talking Image Ltd in London. I am a member of the Federation of Image Professionals International (FIPI), and I served on the Board for two years from 2011 to 2012. I am now serving on the Board as the Events Director.