Fighting against the pressure on your models to be stick thin

Brave young model and campaigner Rosie Nelson was 22 when she joined her first modelling agency. The first thing she was asked to do was to loose weight. 4 months later having lost a stone, that same agency weren’t satisfied and wanted Rosie ‘down to the bone’.

Rosie Nelson

Rosie has written very eloquently and bravely about her experiences and talks about events like London Fashion Week putting so much pressure on young girls and boys to be thin just for their job as models. We all know in fashion modelling can be a very lonely place especially when you work a lot away from family and friends and your usual support network. Rosie’s message has become that modelling agencies have a responsibility to the well being of the girls on the catwalk at fashion week and in the industry as a whole and last week she had her voice finally heard when she delivered a petition signed by over 113,000 and spoke at the official all Party Parlimentary enquiry on body image on December 1st.

Rosie is looking for a law to be enacted to protect young models from being pressurised into becoming dangerously thin.

Read Rosie’s views in the Independent here and read more about Rosie’s petition on where you can support this cause close to all our hearts in the image industry.