What is an Image Consultant

A Professional Image professional knows how to change and empower clients and the impact can be a life-changing experience. This applies to working with men as well as women.

Professionally coached clients have greater control over her/his clients personal or corporate impressions and this emanates through the elements of their client’s image. It is through empowerment of clients that Image Professionals can have a great impact on their clients private or working situation, both now and in the future.

The Professional Image Consultant helps clients to reflect and project their confidence and competencies for any personal, social or professional situation.

Image consultants offer a range of services and these can include individual counselling, coaching sessions, group lectures, seminars, workshop or presentations. Services can range from colour and style analysis, makeup consultation and application, wardrobe evaluation, personal shopping, self-branding, business etiquette, social networking and public speaking.

Image management is a fascinating profession where the image consultant can truly make a positive difference in their client’s lives and in society as a whole.

A Corporate Image Consultant offers their services to small or larger businesses. They are able to offer advice to help employees with their dress code and the impact of their image in their working environment. The Corporate customers will look for support

with their employees to feel more professional and confident following the training sessions, workshops or seminars.

‘Image consultants help clients look good and feel great with increased confidence in their life! The world becomes a better place when people feel happy and make their impression’