Past Event: Webinar Discover Nine Star Ki

Wednesday 23rd February – 7pm – 8.30pm GMT

You have a unique inner design, like your own personal map, that you can use to navigate your life.
It can help you find love, discover your purpose, solve problems, make decisions, and always be true to your nature.

Why are some people satisfied and others dissatisfied, in seemingly the same circumstances? 

That is something I always have been curious about:~ the ah’s and oh’s triggered me even more especially in my search of the characteristics of people more than twenty five years ago, and even more. 

When I started studying The Five Elements and Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki about 10 years ago, it got a place in my heart forever. 

These energy patterns are blueprints for personality, emotional style, life purpose, and life lessons.

Your basic personality, your emotional self, and your highest calling are encompassed within each number of your birth date, the year, month, and day, which are linked to the 5 Elements in Chinese Medicine~ Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal.

Geraldine Wijsbeek


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Wednesday 23rd February. 

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