Dressing for Success: Unveiling the Power of Men’s Style and its Impact on Credibility, Influence, and Authority

Wednesday 26th July: 7pm – 8pm GMT

Becoming a leader that other executives and global leaders admire is a challenging task. It requires careful planning and strategy.

In this webinar, Ebiemi Fubara Ibierela will guide us through a process to help male leaders enhance their image and presence by addressing the science and art of men’s style. We will learn about the Halo effect and the reasons behind power dressing.

We will also explore how to build an image that reflects leadership and a good reputation, and how to harness the power of perception to appear credible, influential, and earn respect.

The webinar will provide outfit ideas for formal and casual leadership situations, as well as tips on how to dress like a leader.

We will also learn about body language that conveys credibility, influence, authority, and a strong reputation.

Additionally, the webinar will provide valuable tips on how to communicate effectively as a leader.

Meet Ebiemi

Ebiemi Fubara Ibierela is the Director of Luxe Image Consults Ltd. With over 15 years of experience in Image and menswear, Ebiemi is a renowned consultant in Nigeria. She brings a unique perspective to the field, thanks to her background as a practicing lawyer, retired banker, and entrepreneur.

Her experience in the business, banking and legal fields of almost 2 decades gave her access to many business sectors globally. While working with individuals from entry level to executives, she saw that there was a pressing need for soft skills training. Those seeking advancement needed to be proficient in not only technical skills and high level business acumen, but also the skills to be promoted and successful, such as appearance, etiquette, presentation and communication. To answer that need first hand, she started in the clothing and Image industry in 2008, opening Shirtsville International, which offered customized shirts and styling services.

Ebiemi is highly sought after as a Guest Speaker, Image Consultant, Stylist, Workshop Facilitator, and Personal Shopper across Nigeria. She frequently addresses youth platforms, focusing on topics such as interview skills, professional behavior, and tech etiquette. Ebiemi also serves as the Image Manager for several prominent individuals, providing personalized and impactful services.

More recently, Ebiemi has opened a new division and is Lead Etiquette coach at The EFI Charm & Civility Academy. The Academy runs several courses in feminine graces, chivalry and civility; also runs monthly programmes entitled ‘Walking tall – the Edenic Way’. These programmes include the Image Impact and Executive Presence seminars, work place civility and the Art of Chivalry amongst others.

Ebiemi has acquired certifications and training from prestigious institutions worldwide, including the London Image Institute and the University of Virginia. She holds a Master of Law degree in Technology and Intellectual Property, a Barrister-at-Law qualification, and an LLB in Law. Her commitment to continuous learning is evident through her participation in numerous courses and programs.

Since 2022 Ebiemi is a member of the FIPI Board, responsible of Membership.


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