Advanced Stylist Training by Ruth Essex

Advanced Stylist Training: How to Delight Your Clients and Generate Additional Income

Lessons in Style by Ruth Essex –

Wednesday, 19 April 2023
Start: 7pm

If you would like a free copy of the Advanced Stylist Training lesson worth £99 /$125 to accompany this masterclass then please register at

Your style clients may really respect your professionalism and knowledge, but once you have covered the areas within your initial training, it can all come to a bit of a halt.  And, most clients don’t wish to shop more than a few times a year either.  In order to stop your client list stagnating, it is your responsibility to ensure you have something new, fresh and relevant to share with them.  Clients who love you want to buy something new from you, because you make them feel good about themselves.  They want more of your services.

What The Class Entails? 
This session will be activity based, so bring along your notepad.  The more you put in the more you will get out of it.  You will be thinking about your own particular clients and together we will be generating ideas, exercises and activities you can take away to work through with your client and delight them again.

You will discover techniques for initial contact, and style activities that engage your clients.  Ruth will be using one of her Advanced Stylist Training Sessions (AST) to demonstrate how you can extract advanced styling knowledge, and take the relevant parts back to your customers. You will learn how to intrigue, inform, enthuse and delight your clients.  The methods you use can be tailored for either one-to-one or group sessions.

As well as a fascinating masterclass, as a special offer for FIPI members, those who register for both the Masterclass at FIPI, and with will receive a free Advanced Stylist Training (AST) Lesson in Style, plus an extra hour of video, to increase the depth and breadth of your style specialist knowledge.
The AST normally retails for £99/$125 so this Masterclass is amazing value for money.  You have the opportunity to increase your personal style knowledge, and learn techniques on how to take it back to your clients.

About the Style Expert, Ruth Essex
Ruth Essex is a stylist, writer and teacher of style. She has combined her unique skill set of an in-depth knowledge of style, with over two decades of research, education and lecturing, to create the next step in the image consultants professional development.
Her lessons are thoroughly researched, and beautifully presented educational tools.  They enable the style professional to thoroughly enjoy and look forward to more professional development, whilst making a return on their investment with new ideas, activities and concepts to take to and delight their own clients.


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