The Accreditation Team

FIPI’s vision for setting an industry standard is one of her core missions. FIPI wants at all-time ensure she provides clear and transparent processes and procedures.

FIPI likes to introduce the FIPI’s Accreditation Management Team.  

Currently sitting on FIPI AMT is FIPI’s President, Head of Accreditation, Internal Verifier and all ATP’s and Assessors.

FIPI’s Accreditation Management Team fulfils a number of roles:

  • They are responsible for coordinating FIPI’s Accredited Training Provider assessments annually.
  • Carries out the final assessment for those undertaking FIPI’s City & Guilds Masters Award in Image Consultancy and Personal Styling.
  • Reviews FIPI’s processes and procedures to ensure the practices are updated, efficient and in line with the rules set out by the City & Guild.
  • To ask any questions about our training opportunities please email