Personal Shopper Chile

Personal Shopper Chile is the most important training school in Chile in your area. With more than 18 years in the market.

In our school, we prepare our students to be professionals capable of developing in the area of the personal image, personal shopper and communication. Our programs provide tools to improve professional skills, attitudes and skills, as well as technical and theoretical skills.

The students of our school come out with a training that acts at personal level advising on styling, beauty, protocol and knowing, reinforcing and improving the image and personality of each person, increasing their self-esteem and their chances of success at all levels, Professional as well as personal.

At Personal Shopper Chile we train passionate and creative professionals, who are able to change the perception of the consumer looking for innovation to achieve success and personal performance.

Our training modules are divided between image counselling, personal shopper, beauty and styling, communication and social protocol.

We also have an important program of specializations that allow students to expand and complement knowledge in the areas of the image. We offer practical training oriented to specific topics, which allows students to obtain a wider professional output.

All the courses of specialization have a duration of 40 chronological hours and are given at different times and days so that their realization is compatible with their studies or works.

MÂȘ Pilar Malverde is the director of Personal Shopper Chile, who has more than 18 years of experience in the area of Personal and Corporate Image. With studies in Spain and Argentina, he has in his curriculum important companies with which he has developed and worked the personal image. Its clients range from healthcare companies, financial institutions, retailers, to television channels.

We have a team of professionals each one specialized in their area, with which we prepare our study.