FIPI Master Program


Attaining Master status: Image Consultants who have achieved this Award are internationally recognised as Masters in Image Consultancy.                                  

This prestigious qualification can only be attained by a FIPI member who has:

  • submitted an Image Portfolio to be assessed by the Head of the Accreditation Management Team and passed on to the Internal Verifier
  • been assessed as competent in three of the four core Modules of Image Consultancy. 

Master status assures the public of quality and competence and verifies that professional standards and performance have been met.     

It is also:

  • the image profession’s benchmark for standards of professionalism
  • the only national and international qualification for the image profession of its kind that verifies the experience and status of the image professional
  • for the benefit of clients seeking assurances of high standards and professional practice and ethics. 

Please check the directory for a FIPI Master Professional in your area.