FIPI’s 2017-2018 Continuous Professional Development Framework


Our 2017-2018 FIPI CPD Framework is designed to:

  • help members develop their skills, knowledge and experience as image professionals
  • reassure clients that FIPI members provide a level of quality and a professional service worth investing in.

We want our 2017-2018 CPD Framework to be simple and attainable for all.

Our CPD system is based on three core elements with minimum standards set out for each element, which must be reached. These core elements together help us to be life-long learners within a thriving and supportive FIPI community.

Our three core elements are:

1. Educational Standards
2. Practice Standards
3. Community Standards

This framework aims to encourage members to be active, life-long learners, taking responsibility for their own personal development within our supportive and professional community. Our CPD framework applies to all members, except Friends of FIPI and retired members. It is simple and achievable for all and applies to both UK and international members.

This CPD framework was published by the Board of FIPI in July 2016. It replaces all previous CPD guidance. It will continue to be developed over time.

Click to download our CPD Handbook 2017 for full details and click for our 2017 Annual CPD Form, which our members must complete at the time of their membership renewal.