The FIPI Masters

A Look Back at 2016

2016 has been a tremendous year for our Masters, with many success stories to be celebrated. Assessments took place in both London and Singapore from May to October overseen by FIPI’s Accreditation Management Team. Each of our 14 candidates from 5 different countries; UK, Chile, South Korea, Italy and Singapore, showed their own flair and professionalism.

We are working hard on making great strides this year as we introduce a brand new module in Personal Shopping in March under our new City & Guilds contract. Thank you to so many who have been involved and especially FIPI’s Accreditation Management Team who have been working hard on this huge project. It has been be a great team effort and continues to keep FIPI at the forefront of our profession. Looking forward to sharing more soon!

The 14 members awarded the Masters for 2016 and for which we would like to recognise are:

  1. Jo Haley
  2. Ellen Bletsoe
  3. Hyeri Kim
  4. Maria Pilar Malverde
  5. Susan Campbell
  6. Alyssa Chen Yihan
  7. Emily Neo
  8. Har Yon Mei (Xia Yongmei) Lynette
  9. Joelle Ung Lee Khoon
  10. Leng Kin May
  11. Sun Ru-Tian
  12. Tang Hui Ning (Lanie)
  13. Theresa Seah Sui Hoon
  14. Jagit Singh ( James), our only male member so far.

Check out our little video:

Check back for further updates soon and click here for more information on starting your Masters journey with us in 2017.

Your FIPI team