Fipi Associate Monthly
£10 / Month
FIPI Associate Annually
£105 / Year

As a member of FIPI, you will enjoy the benefits associated with being part of an international body that sets the benchmark for standards in the image profession.

You will also make valuable industry links to help you to run your own successful image business, and have access to ongoing learning opportunities and industry updates.

The first step is to read our FIPI Code of Ethics, to which our members commit as FIPI professionals. Please also read through FIPI’s Continuous Professional Development Programme and outline to familiarise yourself. As soon as you fill in our registration form below and pay your chosen membership package fee, your details will come directly to our Membership Director who will ensure all the details are uploaded to set up your professional online profile with FIPI. You will then be contacted and supplied with a link to your live profile and introduced to all thebenefits of FIPI membership. 


Is FIPI for you? Can you answer YES to most of these?

  1. Are you starting out in the styling and image industry, looking for support and direction?
  2. Are you are an experienced image professional who needs to get connected with other image professionals and services specifically designed for the image profession?
  3. Are you are a style industry professional looking for a supportive fashion community you can be part of?
  4. Are you are a style industry professional looking to access tools and recourses specific to your industry that can help you?
  5. Are you are an experienced image professional who would like third party accreditation of your skills and experience through a recognised qualification?
  6. Are you training to be an image professional and would like to give yourself the best possible chance of success?

If you have any queries concerning the completion of your FIPI membership registration please email

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