Benefits of FIPI Membership

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FIPI’s Membership has been simplified and is open to all Image & Style Professionals already in business or those who are considering training courses. This is FIPI’s membership with lots of benefits to help you build your industry experience, client base and business.

The Membership Fee is £100 per year.                                                                           

BECOME AN FIPI MEMBER and you can influence FIPI’s organisation by being part of it.                                                                                   




  • A Professional profile on FIPI’s Website including a photo, bio, your Website link 
  • Get your profile and business seen by the growing number of potential clients visiting FIPI’s site – Have your work seen on FIPI’s ‘Inspiration in Action’ Members Blog
  • Get your business to be known via FIPI’s Fashion newsletter, which reaches a growing number of FIPI followers
  • Getting access to FIPI’s private members’ area online
  • Getting access to your FIPI Members Logo for your website.
  • Geeting access to FIPI’s private members’ community on Facebook.
  • Attend ATP Hubs Online and get to know other style professionals
  • Earn CPD Points
  • Access to FREE Hangout Events from Industry peers and business professionals
  • Improved client credibility through internationally recognised quality standards
  • Executive Board voluntary opportunities
  • Opportunities to progress further within FIPI and become a FIPI Master
  • Attend our annual FIPI Conference -September-Additional fees apply


A FIPI member who would like to become a Master must:

a- Complete professional training with a FIPI registered Accredited Training Provider training provider

b- Apply to complete a one-two two-day FIPI Training with an ATP to show you have the professional skills and knowledge in style and image to start the process becoming a FIPI Master.

c- It is a Prerequisite to hand in your POE- Portfolio Of Evidence- and needs to be approved and verified and accepted by the Head Of Accreditation and FIPI’s IV- Internal Verifier- Only then the date’s can be set, and

not before the acceptation of the POE. It is a proof that you have experience enough for the challenge but by no means a guarantee for a pass. 

*Achieve the prestigious FIPI Master’s Award with The Federation FIPI & City & Guilds of London Masters in Image Consultancy or Personal Styling, and elevate your business and your credentials.

Benefits of becoming a FIPI Master

  • Achieve the highest award in the Image or style profession worldwide.
  • A Professional profile as a ‘FIPI Master Image Consultant or Personal Stylist’ on our website.
  • Download and use the FIPI Masters Logo on your website.

All Masters business benefits, plus:

  • Become an industry and thought leader through FIPI with opportunities to giving members webinars in your chosen speciality.
  • Opportunity to become a FIPI speaker at events and at FIPI’s annual conference.
  • Build your profile and opportunities to become a FIPI Trainer.
  • Become a FIPI Accredited Training Provider and train startup style and image professionals.
  • Gain clients and credentials by running regional events.
  • Attain FIPI CPD points approval for events organised for other members.


The Fellow award is given to board & ex-board members who have given an exceptional contribution towards FIPI. It isn’t based on the length or seniority of a FIPI membership or how long one has gained the prestigious FIPI Master level Award.                     

This decision is always decided within the board and the outcome needs to be unanimous and the awarded title is not by seniority but merely by merit after shown dedication in a length of time towards promoting the growth of FIPI or for that matter working on the board for a length of time. Most Fellows hold the Masters Award in Image Consultancy. Fellows Members are highly experienced, qualified consultants and have been involved with the Federation of Image Professionals International in many ways over many years.

All Masters member business benefits, plus:

  • FIPI Fellow’s can get involved in FIPI in many ways including as keynote speakers, image trainers, mentors, as a member of our training council, as award assessors and board directors. You will be considered an industry thought a leader with FIPI and the board welcomes your viewpoint on many industries and FIPI related matters.

FIPI’s mission is to support you every step of the way from choosing the right course to get you started to, provide you with education and skills through the ‘FIPI Hangout Sessions’ Or if you are searching for FIPI’s highly professionals to be Mentored by through every part of your journey for a year. As well we want to make sure you have access to a vibrant styling and image community of industry professionals of which you can be part of.



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