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Marie-Anne Lecoeur

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My name is Marie-Anne Lecoeur. 

I founded my Personal Style Consultancy in 2011 and specialise in authentic French Chic Styling for women over 40 who are looking to make big changes in their lives. My aim is to promote authentic French Chic Style, as practiced by real French Women, so that all women may experience the truly beneficial results.

My approach incorporates all the elements that one would expect from a genre respected around the world for simplicity and elegance. It is based on what I call my Three Pillars of French Chic: Less is More, Quality Not Quantity and Keep It Simple.

Along with better style my clients can expect to benefit from increased self confidence. This leads me to say that I help women from the outside in by improving their style to build their confidence and from the inside out, as by boosting their confidence their style flourishes. It is a circle of positive reinforcement that works wonders and allows them to become who they want to be. Be prepared for big changes in your life.

I have written two best selling ebooks “How To Be Chic & Elegant: Tips from a French woman” and “The Tidy Closet” both were number one in their categories on Amazon for over 18 months. I have written three further books and produced 20 online courses including The French Chic Academy, an extensive 12 month self study programme covering all aspects of French Chic Styling.

Born and raised in France I moved to Britain at the age of 20 where I lived for 30 years. I have now returned to my native France. I am married and live with my artist/writer husband in our cottage in Normandy. We have two chihuahuas one British and one Mexican.


“Marie-Anne Lecoeur is the most generous and kindhearted woman ​I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.” Alexandra Aarness, USA

“I’ve been a student of Marie-Anne’s since November 2017, and it has changed my thinking profoundly. Marie-Anne introduced me to the idea of wearing navy blue instead of black, and I’ve learned to love skirts again.
​I learned the value of investing in things I truly love, and not just what’s fashionable, and how to look for tiny details in the items I choose to purchase, to make them classics in their own right.
After just five months I have reduced my closet contents by two thirds, I wear everything I own, and I’ve saved enough money (even after paying for the course), to invest in a fabulous strand baroque pearls, with matching earrings. I wear the earrings every single day, have discarded all of my cheap costume jewellery, and I am now saving for a pair of diamond studs. That is all the jewellery I now need…
​It’s been a learning curve, the likes of which I could not have anticipated (in all the right ways).” ​Suzy Freeme, Australia

​​”Marie-Anne has given me confidence and a set of principles to follow and friends and family are noticing.
Nothing huge just a lot of “you look very nice today” type comments but it makes me smile inside and out! Lisa M, Jersey, UK

“I just wanted to share how much I enjoy the way you have produced your lessons.
The small clips are perfect. I can watch one or two if I just have a little time. Or a whole topic.
If I do not have internet access, I can read.
​And I am gaining so much inspiration and learning a great deal!” Mardi Long, USA

“Marie-Anne Lecoeur is passionate about sharing and teaching other women about authentic French Chic and includes other areas of support such as self confidence to be at your best, and in all areas helping women to be the person they want to be. With excellent materials including e-books, webinars, content updates, videos, style boards, Facebook group, the courses are a worthwhile investment in time and money spent.” RW, USA

“I was hesitant to spend the money to join Marie-Anne, but am so glad that I did! I am thankful to have the opportunity.
​This has been so good for me, and helps me to think differently. Just wanted you to know.” Brenda Van Valen, USA

Further testimonials can be provided upon request.

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