Sustainable Fashion

Who is Daisy Schubert?

In a nutshell: She loves simplicity and hates waste! Daisy spoke at this years FIPI Conference in London about her passion for sustainable fashion and why it is a cause we as style professionals should know more about and use our influence to make a difference. Daisy’s passion went down a storm and so we have asked her to share her own story so those of you who missed out can be part of this worthwhile discussion.

After I qualified as a personal stylist with Study in Style, the big question was what to do with the disproportionally large beige content of my wardrobe (I’m through and through a Winter Type, no point arguing that – beige had to go!) After trying to sell or swap on websites like ebay and vinted without much sucess, I started to host clothes swap parties for my family and friends because I just couldn’t stand the idea that perfectly good clothes should go to landfill. The swap parties were great fun, and I found myself enjoying them so much that I soon launched the WALK IN WARDROBE™ clothes swap events, a unique event concept that at its heart encourages less waste and a more mindful approach to clothes.


You too can host the WALK IN WARDROBE™ for your clients and become part of the franchise family. Why not join us at the next #WiWevent on 19th November in North Finchley, London, to see for yourself and experience how it all works? Tickets are available here.


This, however, was only the beginning of my journey as an Eco Stylist. My eyes were opened to the sheer complexity and the true impact of the garmnet industry after watching the TRUE COST movie. But identifying the problems can feel paralysing and overpowering unless you have someone guiding you to valid alternatives that can collectivelly make a real difference. So I’ve made it my mission to be this guide for my clients, helping them to simplify their wardrobes while making sustainable choices. Rather than demanding ethical perfection from products, I suggest to focus on the one value or criteria that matters most to them personally. This could be organic fabrics (ie organic cotton, natural hemp or pieces silk), fair trade, recycled, locally made, zero waste, linked to a social cause, biodegradeable, transparency, vegan, durability, second hand, non toxic dyes (ie azo-free dyes) etc. It is beautiful to see brands and designers stepping up to the challenge and incorporating the values they feel most strongly about. I have also launched “Who to Trustß“ section on my website. Here is a taster below or click here…

Fjällräven Bags Recycled plastic bottles
Bottletoppers Bags – Leather Social Responisbility, amazon protected leather
GUNAS NY Bags – Vegan Vegan, recycled plastic bottles
Matt & Natt Bags – Vegan Vegan, recycled plastic bottles
Everything in Colour Clothes – Casual Recycling and upcycling, zero waste, locally made
People Tree Clothes – Casual Fair Trade, organic cotton, social responisibility
Hiut Denim Clothes – Jeans Durability (repairs for life), locally made, one-dip dye, transparency, fair trade
Beaumont Organic Clothes – Smart Casual Fair trade, organic fabrics
Fair Indigo Clothes – Smart Casual Fair trade, organic fabrics
Madia Matilda Clothes – Smart Casual Localy made, recycled fabrics, zero waste
Kitty Ferreira Clothes – Smart Corporate Peace silk, non toxic dyes, locally made
Frugi Clothes – Casual, Maternity Organic Cotton
Ally Bee Knitwear Locally made, responsibly sourced wool
Lowie Knitwear Fair Trade, transparency, durability (repairs for life)
Silverstick Knitwear Organic Cotton
Studio Jux Knitwear Fairtrade, organic fabrics
Turtle Dove Gloves Knitwear Zero waste, locally made, recycled
Stella McCartney Luxury Vegan
Beyond Skin Shoes Vegan
Boheme Bourgouis Shoes Vegan, Transparency
Toms Shoes Social responsibility, some shoes are vegan
MUJI Underwear Organic Cotton

There are so many more exciting brands to discover, each one with their unique story!

Thanks for sharing your insights Daisy and we will watch with interest for more updates on your website soon.

Your FIPI Team x