Congrats to The Style Alchemist and Graduates

We have been hearing wonderful things about the amazing work Lynne, Hannah and her team have been doing with The Style Alchemist.


Last year they ran a one year “Mastery in Professional Image and Personal Development Diploma”. Students who signed up wanted to be inspired to grow their unique businesses significantly. The course included: Advanced Men’s Image and Style, Personal Branding, Coaching Development, Presentation Excellence, Women in Leadership and the aim was to get like minded people supporting each other in a diversity of interests at an advanced level. Sarah Brummitt who spoke at FIPI’s Spring Seminar about branding was also involved in delivering this course. Congratulations to Amanda Allan, Sue Bell, Elena Daniilidou, Julia Holbrook, Anne Matterface, Jan Morton and
Elizabeth Parsons. So, what did the students have to say?

“Headlines for me were the value gained from being able to connect with other image professionals and the concepts introduced that forced different ways of ‘being’, in the image industry.The open discussions & workshop type formats really allowed us (the students) to connect with each other and give and receive valuable contributions. Each of us were coming at our businesses from such different perspectives and these were not only refreshing but enlightening showing that there is so much diversity and areas of specialism within the industry.” Julia Holbook.

“This is one of a kind course which I highly recommend. One that will take you back to basics and will transform you to a confident professional. Lynne and Hanna have put their heart and soul in the creation of this program, they are very knowledgeable and motivational.They encourage class discussions which I found very helpful. Enthusiastic and always available for advice. The fact that they offered one to one coaching sessions was an amazing opportunity for me to set my professional goals and design an achievable action plan”. Elena Daniilidou


Diploma’s were presented by FIPI’s President Geraldine Wijsbeek who had this to say “Presenting the Diploma’s to the Style Alchemists graduates on their professional Leadership Diploma course, was a great honor for me. To meet these remarkable ladies who I believe, will make their marks on the Image Industry, was very inspiring. I was impressed with the diversity of area’s each of them was progressing in, which made me realize all the opportunities that can be out there for Image Professionals”

Read more about this course here and find all the contact details you need to register for 2017.