Business Focus – First Impressions

This month, we are delighted we got to speak to FIPI Member Lyn Bromley from First Impressions Training. Lyn and her company First Impressions is also an Accredited Training Provider with FIPI and so having come such a long way in the profession, we wanted to share her story, her secrets and her passion to inspire us all! Here is Lyn’s story told to us in her own words recently.


I wonder what makes us all become interested enough to train to work in the image profession? On reflection I have been interested in image and impact for as long as I can remember. Maybe it was because of a very glamorous Aunt I found inspiring when I was 7 years old. She worked in Brussels in an important job for NATO, had a wardrobe full of fabulous clothes and was full of energy and confidence. When she came back to visit she always had a handbag full of the latest make-up that she allowed me to play with. I used to play dress up with her clothes too!

At the tender age of 20 I became the manger of a finance office. I started dressing much more formally in order to be taken seriously in management meetings. Everywhere I went people were always surprised to learn my age as they always thought I was much older, so it clearly worked!

I realise now of course that I was acting out a role and that style wasn’t the real me, but it certainly served a purpose and taught me how powerful image could be.

I had the pleasure of buying First Impressions in September 2010 from Julia and Paul Campion who had run the business since 1999. Here I am pictured at the handover with my husband Nigel, who gets roped in to help now and again!


In total, the business has been now been running for 32 years. I was proud to take on the running of a leading provider of high quality core skills training and, just as important, almost the only provider of a wide range of opportunities for continuing professional development training.

First Impressions is known for professionalism and integrity and that is mixed with a warm and friendly welcome. We offer many ways for consultants to keep in touch and feel supported from our mentoring to our regular consultant forums. We enjoy inspiring and passing on our knowledge in a fun environment.

The business has changed significantly since I took over the running of it. Partly that is down to the changes I have made and partly due to the changes in the economy and technological advances. I spent time evolving the brand, creating a new website and updating processes to automate as much as possible so that I could focus on what I really enjoy doing, which is delivering the training, both to consultants and to our corporate clients.

We have always had a balance of private clients such as our trainee consultants and our business and corporate clients. We have been growing our offering to the B2B clients over the last 18 months, so our website has just undergone another makeover! We describe what we do as ‘Performance Improvement through People Development’. This encompasses our traditional image and impact work, along with communication, behavior, coaching, NLP, DiSC profiling and a whole host of other soft skills training. We have a network of consultant associates who have business backgrounds and they support us in delivering workshops and coaching to these clients.


The most important aspect for consultants, over and above their skills training, is to hone their business development skills. They can have great technical skills, but if they have no clients, the business will clearly not be sustainable. The most successful consultants are those who have both excellent technical skills and excellent business skills too. We deliver courses to help them with this and we also offer on-going coaching programmes to keep them motivated and supported.


I love what I do and have a great team of trainers and support staff who are a real pleasure to work with. I love the variety – every day is different and I get real pleasure out of helping people to develop and grow and reach their potential.

Our next run of courses commence on 6th June.

For full details, our full prospectus can be downloaded from

Thanks for sharing with us Lyn!