Continued Professional Development within FIPI

Our CPD Programme is designed to enable you to successfully develop your career as an Image Professional within FIPI. The goal is to help you develop you skills, knowledge and experience as image professionals, and reassure our clients that as a FIPI members, you provide a level of quality and professional service worth investing in.

This program aims to encourage you to be an active, lifelong learner, taking responsibility for your own personal development within our supportive, professional community. CPD points can be earned by completing a variety of educational and learning activities, maintaining your professional practice, and engaging in the FIPI community. We encourage you to complete activities that cover all of these areas.

At this stage we are inviting all members to take part in the CPD programme voluntarily while we get it up and running. The aim is to make it a mandatory part of FIPI membership in the fullness of time.

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Sample Cashflows

Managing your businesses cashflow is crucial to your success. We have attached here two sample cashflow templates which we think you will find useful. ‘Cashflow Template 1’ has monthly incomings and outgoings. The second ‘Cashflow Template 2’ has monthly incomings and outgoings aswell as extra columns so you can add your cashflow projections and then fill in each month as you have your actuals.



Maximising your SM Impact Fipi PowerPoint
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