Fipi values her Trainers




Principally, FIPI’s Training Providers are verified in meeting quality standards and are endorsed through third-party Accreditation. The Masters Award receives International recognition as the only award available with this status.                                                                                                                                          

How FIPI’s ATP’s are valued by FIPI:


  • The ATP’s are exclusively approved by FIPI to provide training towards the Masters in Image Consulting and Personal Styling, a unique business opportunity for the UK and International market.
  • They can promote their training programmes through FIPI members’ newsletter
  • They can be part of FIPI’s members’ mentoring scheme if they so wish and can be trained to do this from a qualified FIPI member
  • They are promoted in FIPI’s website
  • They can promote their training programmes through FIPI’s social media channels such as Facebook Live, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube
  • They can use FIPI’s Hangouts facility through “GoToMeeting” to host informative webinars for FIPI’s members
  • They can promote their training programmes through the annual FIPI Voices Conference
  • FIPI membership provides further credibility for the ATP and their staff
  • FIPI membership also is an assurance to potential trainees regarding the company’s professionalism
  • FIPI membership standards offer a quality training that meets trade standards
  • It provides the ATP’s with the unique USP to facilitate trainees’ advancement to Master level and to their International Professional recognition.