Fipi values her Trainers










Principally, FIPI’s Training Providers are verified in meeting quality standards and are endorsed through third party Accreditation. The Masters Award receives International recognition as the only award available with this status.                                                                                                                                          

How FIPI’s ATP’s are valued by FIPI.
  • The ATP’s are exclusively approved by FIPI to provide training towards the Masters in Image Consulting and Personal Styling, a unique business opportunity for the UK and International market.
  • They can promote their training programmes through FIPI members’ newsletter
  • They can be part of FIPI’s members’ mentoring scheme if they so wish and can be trained to do this from a qualified FIPI member
  • They are promoted in FIPI’s website
  • They can promote their training programmes through FIPI’s social media channels such as Facebook Live, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube
  • They can use FIPI’s Hangouts facility through “GoToMeeting” to host informative webinars for FIPI’s members
  • They can promote their training programmes through the annual FIPI Voices Conference
  • FIPI membership provides further credibility for the ATP and their staff
  • FIPI membership also is an assurance to potential trainees regarding the company’s professionalism
  • FIPI membership standards offer a quality training that meets trade standards
  • It provides the ATP’s with the unique USP to facilitate trainees’ advancement to Master level and to their International Professional recognition.