Masters Awards & Trainers


FIPI is absolutely delighted to have passed and added ‘The Personal Styling module’ to her City & Guilds modules in April 2017.

The updated Image Consultancy masters reflect FIPI’s experience gained from her members over the past years and also embraces new technologies

and the needs of her members and trainers.

Valued members of the Accreditation Management Team created 2 new modules, Personal Shopping and Wardrobe Management,

as part of the masters in Personal Styling.

These include a portfolio of evidence, video footage of working with clients and client lookbooks. Look at the ‘How to get there’ template,

which explains the various options to members.

The new masters will receive a certificate from City & Guild with the certificate of their master title. 

Attaining Master status

The FIPI City & Guild Masters Award in Image Consultancy or Personal Styling will be a huge achievement for you and your business. Master status assures the public of quality

and competence and verifies that professional standards and performance have been met. This prestigious qualification can only be attained by FIPI members

and can be kept up if the candidate remains a member for a minimum time of five years.

Please note:

When members do not pay the contribution or withdraw the membership, which implies they elect to be no longer a member, will be taken off the FIPI list as an FIPI Master.

They, therefore, cannot legally use the FIPI Master logo anymore. 

Members can proceed

  • When submitted an Image Portfolio to be assessed by the Head of the Accreditation Management Team
  • And passed on to the Internal Verifier and have been assessed a competent in the core Modules of Image Consultancy or Personal Styling as in Pathway diagram stated.

It is also:

The Image profession’s benchmark for standards of Professionalism and is government–recognised. The only National and International Qualification for the Image Profession of its kind

verify the experience and status of the Image Professional. For the benefit of clients seeking assurances of high standards and professional practice and ethics.                                                                                                                                                             

The six core Modules are:

  • Colour Analysis
  • Style for Women
  • Basic Cosmetic Application
  • Style for Men
  • Personal Shopping Wardrobe management
  • Wardrobe management





Undertaking the accreditation process requires a consultant to be experienced and knowledgeable in 1:1 consulting. To become a master can take an around six to twelve months,

although there is no time limit on completing the process. For full details on the process of becoming a Master qualified Image or Style professional,

please contact

Preparation Webinars

FIPI runs regular preparation webinars which are for anyone who wishes to find out more about becoming qualified in Image Consulting or Personal Styling.

They are based on training of the Standards of Competence 2017.Preparation dates are available by request to

The webinars vary depending on the number of modules you sit and the fee is payable to FIPI.

These webinars are designed to help you through the process of completing your Portfolio of Evidence and preparing you for the assessment procedure.

They are facilitated by a member of the Accreditation Management Team (AMT). It is a mandatory part of your assessment process where you will find out all about becoming qualified as an Image Consultant or a Personal Stylist.

AssessmentsAll subsequent assessments must be booked by contacting FIPI Head of Accreditation at