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Adri Pineda

at Symetrique

  • Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper, Editorial Stylist, Fashion Stylist

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About Adri Pineda

Personal stylist here to help you discover your own sense of personal style and rediscover the wow in your wardrobe!

My mission is to help you feel great. I love helping both men and women find your own personal style so that you feel empowered and confident. But I can also help you shop more effectively and get more out of your wardrobe. My aim is to provide you with really valuable style advice as well as a wardrobe full of clothes that you love and look great on you.
Before qualifying as a personal stylist, I lived in Paris for a number of years where I immersed myself in its unique blend of history, culture and style and where I fell in love with fashion. This love has since taken me to New York, Zurich and Holland.
I have a lifelong love of clothes and personal style and a keen interest in life coaching, psychology, nutrition and beauty therapy. I want those around me to feel and look great and over the years, I’ve helped friends and clients alike with their style, makeup, jewellery and wardrobe.

With a multicultural heritage, over the years I have been inspired and influenced by many stylists, makeup artists and designers. I use these experiences to combine international flair with great British style.
Working with me, is all about you. I start by listening and finding about your lifestyle, your tastes and what you’re looking for or need. Then together, we’llwork on your colours and explore different styles to find the look that brings out the very best of you. We’ll have fun and I’ll show you ways of adapting existing outfits so that you can go from dog walk to boardroom with ease. With the benefit of my advice, you’ll find that you stop wasting money on outfits that just end up at the back of the wardrobe and start loving the new you!
My approach to life is best summed up by Nate Berkus: “You will enrich your life immeasurably if you approach it with a sense of wonder and discovery, and always challenge yourself to try new things.”

“The Photo Shoot was an amazing session. You had a wonderful approach and went quickly throught my wardrobe picking out clothes that flatter my body shape and the colour of my skin. The suggestions you gave me really helped me realize that picking the right style was important. Overall, you made good choices and I really had great fun trying on a few new style items. The most important thing for me was to listen on how I could add details to make my outfit look even nicer on me. The result of my pictures was stunning. This is an experience I will never forget”

Thomas H