Code of Ethics

Code of Professional Practice

This Code of Professional Practice ensures professional consultants provide the best possible service to the client.
As a member of the Federation of Image Professionals International, I pledge to:

Work to the level of professionalism as set out in the Standards of Competence.     
Subscribe to the Federation of Image Professionals International’s Code of Ethics.
Refrain from discussing client specifics without the consent of the client.
Comply with current Data Protection Act Regulations appropriate for the country where I am operating. Keep proper financial records.
Adhere to sound business practice.
Have Public Liability Insurance with a minimum of £1.m. cover if working in the UK or appropriate equivalent if operating elsewhere.                                                                      
Provide a suitable working environment and abide by Health & Safety Regulations
Only use/supply products from reputable sources. Observe FIPI Rules of Hygiene in the application of Cosmetic. Products as set out in Unit 004 of the Joint Award Standards of Competence. Have a pricing policy that details what the service includes.
Maintain an appropriate, professional appearance. If requested provide every client with the FIPI contact email.

Code of Ethics
As a member of the Federation of Image Professionals International, I pledge to:

Subscribe to professional and ethical standards, which serve and uphold the principles of the image consulting profession.
Accept responsibility for acting in a reasonable, co-operative and proper manner and to avoid any semblance of professional impropriety.
Maintain a professional appearance and demeanor that reflects positively on The Federation and the profession.
Exercise and insist on sound business practice in the conduct of Professional and Federation business.
Hold inviolate the confidential relationship between client and consultant.
Honor confidentiality between Federation colleagues and any confidential information entrusted to me as an Officer or Representative of the Federation. Refrain from engaging in, or tolerating from others, any exploitation of The Federation for personal gain, observe copyright regulations. Refrain from inappropriate use of logos and post-nominals.
I pledge to abide by the Code of Professional Practice and the Code of Ethics. 




Federation of Image Professionals International is the trading name of The Federation of Image Consultants. Registered Company 2505197 Office: 4 Chase Side, Enfield Middlesex EN2 6NF