What is FIPI


FIPI Group is a non-profit Professional Organisation setting the high standards for the Image and Style industry.  FIPI’s Accredited Training Providers offer their Training according to these high standards. FIPI’s members specialise in Image Consultancy, Personal Styling, Personal and Corporate Branding, Communications, or members are called Image Coaches.

Set up in 1988 by a board of directors, FIPI is very proud to provide the public and its members a framework for excellence in training and service standards. FIPI also offers support which FIPI’s members enjoy, as well as the opportunity to succeed as an FIPI member. Fipi’s members love being part of her vibrant and passionate Image-Styling and Fashion community.                                            

FIPI focuses on helping her members succeed setting a high standard of services which clients can be assured of.

FIPI continues to evolve just as the fashion industry has done dramatically in these last 10 years. With the emergence of online and the digital age, FIPI continues to serve her members and the public in the best possible way providing clarity, standards and partnerships that they can trust.

FIPI International

FIPI has and continues to grow strong ties Internationally. FIPI welcomes membership from all over the world and we’re delighted to have members based across Europe, Africa, Asia, The Middle East, America and South America and Australia.

FIPI”s diverse network of members benefit and learn from each other’s businesses. FIPI encourages the sharing of skills and experiences with each other so that her members can make the most of FIPI’s culturally diverse backgrounds.

In 2017 FIPI will be setting up HUB Meetings with her international partners and members, to build on our enriching membership experience at a local level, whilst also having international vision.

We welcome all our British and International members to follow FIPI’s growth path towards FIPI’s highly acclaimed City and Guilds Masters Award in Image Consultancy and Personal Styling, which is an ongoing opportunity available exclusively to our members, both national and international.