Vision & Strategy



Our core vision is to support with passion our members to set a benchmark for excellence within the styling and image industry and to build a vibrant community of professionals at all levels by providing leadership, industry standards, training opportunities, resources and collaboration that our members can be part of and proud of.



We have identifed 3 pillars upon which we focus our ambitions and energy in order to help us achieve our vision.

  • Community

Once a member, FIPI invites you into our vibrant community of benefits. From business leadership (see below) to creating life long friendship and contacts. Our members support and encourage each other in their business and personal goals. We want FIPI to be a place that really makes a difference to you and your business, especially if you work alone. Through a regular series of member events, newsletters, tools and much more, your FIPI membership can help you make valuable industry links for you and your image business.

  • Education

Having a dream to work in styling is just the first step. Choosing the right course for you, one you can trust and one that gives you what you need to get started is hugely important. We will help you on that journey as you can be assured of the standards of training being met by our assessed Accredited Training Providers (ATP’s). Click here to view. We want to provide you with first-class learning opportunities which are bespoke for the image and styling industry. Join FIPI as an Affiliate and access all our supports to get you going. The next step is to become a FIPI Associate, which can be achieved by training with a FIPI Accredited Training provider. The FIPI Masters is then the final prestigious and coveted step on our training ladder.

  • Business Leadership

We provide our members with a community and framework that helps them to run great image and styling businesses. From practical resources, mentoring, business templates, online presence and client opportunities, our members set their goals, build their dreams and with our help can achieve them. We provide best practice leadership, providing the latest tools and knowledge that ensures our members strive for excellence for themselves and their clients.