FIPI Malaysia Chapter


‘Polishing Your Personal Development To Greater Heights’

Aziah Jasmin Azizul Hassan
Certified Image Master (JPK)
Star Studio Image Consultancy
Phone: 03-6211 4844 Fax: 03-6211 4844
Association of Image Consultants International
Immediate Past President 2012-2014



FIPI Malaysia is still new in the making. Currently, we only have 4 registered members. We have not done any activities for members yet except for 2 board meetings from the last 2 quarters it was established. A lot of thought had been discussed in trying to make FIPI Malaysia a success and we are very careful in the planning as it involves a big PLAN for success.


The 2 main big PLANS are as below:

  1. Inviting Her Royal Highness, Queen Zara of Perak to be the patron of FIPI Malaysia.
  2. To have FIPI Malaysia signed an MOU with the Ministry of Human Resource Malaysia for the growth of image consultant job opportunities as well as growing its education with the Department of Skills in the Ministry.

The Malaysian government :

Have recognised the job scope of image consultant in the country since its inception in the National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS) IN 2012. The success of having image consultants as a recognised profession with a proper education and certification was headed by me with a few pioneer image consultants who also include one of our members, Azrene Ahmad. It is now our aim to have FIPI Malaysia be the recognised image association in the country with its education and certification alongside City & Guilds is recognised as well with our local certifications which have covered areas of appearance, etiquette and communication skills.

Therefore we will be writing to the Ministry to have a joint memorandum of understanding with FIPI Malaysia to accept and recognised FIPI’s accreditation and certification. -For your understanding, our certification is known as the diploma in image consulting and advanced diploma in image consulting. It is equivalent to the diploma and degree level of the university academic qualifications.


I have had the chance of meeting the Queen personally and spoke to her about our intention of inviting her to be our patron. We will be issuing a letter to her Personal Secretary and will wait for her formal reply. Once we have her formal reply, we will then proceed to organise the launching of FIPI Malaysia and begin with our recruitment drive and awareness campaign on FIPI Malaysia. (For your understanding, it is normal here in Malaysia those associations have a patron. Having her as a patron will give more mileage and awareness about FIPI Malaysia to the public as she has the grace and personality that we image consultants work to educate individuals on their personality and appearance.