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Shirley Shalaby

Since 1990, Shirley Shalaby has pioneered educational standards in the art of etiquette and image consulting in Egypt. Author of two books in Arabic and English, the Art of Etiquette (2001) and Beyond Charm (2011), Shirley has enjoyed a long background in the field of professional modelling and image building in Canada, the USA and the UK, where she used to coach professional men and women as well as models on enhancing their image, including personality, deportment, social graces and personal appearance.

In 1990 Shirley established “En Vogue”, the very first modelling and finishing institute in the Middle East, in the Egyptian capital of Cairo. Her first signature product was the Professional Modelling and Finishing Program that ran throughout the 1990’s and into the 2000’s, whose alumni are among Egypt’s finest, including TV personalities, actors and prominent entrepreneurs.

More than fifteen years ago, Shirley launched the unique Children’s Modelling and Savoir Faire programme in Egypt, specially designed for children and young teens between 6 and 18 years old. These interactive workshops are held at the En Vogue Center and at select secondary and high schools across Cairo. A great contribution to the development of a child’s personality and communication skills, the program encompasses modelling, deportment, voice attractiveness, conversational skills, social dancing, arts and crafts and table manners over a hot meal.

Some of her most recent activities include lecturing in key institutions such as the Professional Development Program of the Cairo American Chamber of Commerce, The American Management Institute, Amideast, Ein Shams Middle East Research Center, The American University in Cairo (AUC) and The Cairo Opera Artistic Creativity Center.  She has lectured at such institutions for the past ten years. A regular speaker at the AUC Career Fair on First Impressions and Job Interviewing Skills, she currently coaches a selective group of student ambassadors at the AUC, to develop their Diplomatic Protocol Skills.

Today, Shirley is a well-known media personality. She is a familiar face on El Mehwar’s “Saa’a Ma’ Sherif”, OTV’s daily programme “Sabahak Sokar Ziyada”, CBC’s “Zayel Shams”, as well as Nile TV’s “Good Morning Egypt” and “Good Evening Egypt”. She has also been a guest on the BBC and Al Jazeera Children’s Channel. Shirley Shalaby is a recipient of Honorary Awards by the Egyptian Minister of Culture and the AUC, and an active member of the Federation of Image Professionals International. She holds several international certificates and awards in the field of beauty development as well as being a Certified Color Adviser, Certified Image Consultant and Corporate Etiquette Adviser. Currently enrolled in a professional fellowship with the Cherie Blair Foundation, Shirley has been invited as a speaker at several international conferences, seminars and events in London, Amman, Tunis, Karachi, Doha and Abu Dhabi.


LUCKY – By Shirley Shalaby:

Lucky to grow up in Egypt, the land of ancient creativity.  Grew up with mom, a legacy in fashion designing, who was always ahead of her time. Was regularly hiding for dressing up sessions. Dialoguing with mom about her creations with pride was more appealing to me than playing with my dolls and toys.  It was then that I started defining what’s beautiful and what’s not.  After graduating from the Faculty of Arts at Cairo University, majoring in English Literature, I realized that my happiness was in catwalk modelling.  Lucky to have had a long background in the field of professional modelling in Canada, the USA and in London where I also had the chance to train and coach teenage boys and girls in ways of enhancing their image, including personality, deportment, social graces and personal appearance at large.  Privileged to have carved my own future and career by establishing the first Finishing and Modelling Academy in Cairo in 1990.  The first of its kind in the Middle East…my message to my students is that having a corporate profession and rounding it up with such talents as grace, posture, social skills via modelling, fashion-posing and style, would result in raising up a global “Citizen of the World”.  Blessed to have established a dance academy in 1998 when I realized that dancing, besides modelling and image building, completes my vocation in boosting assertiveness and building self-confidence. 

Obtained the life-changing certificates with the Federation of Image Consultants and the Association of Colourflair in the UK.  Started working with several five-star hotels and multinational organizations such as Egyptair as well as Diplomatic Missions and hospitals. I am always called upon to standardize the image and help build a strong and global corporate representation in my country and in the Middle East. Proud to have pioneered selective educational methods for the art of etiquette and style advising at large. Launched a unique interactive “Savoir Faire” program, specially designed for children aged 7 and up, now taught in several schools. 

Thanks to this rich background, I am now able to test and constantly develop new methods in style advising, corporate style advising and to boost personality development through etiquette. Privileged to be a well-known media person on local Egyptian Channels and in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar through many satellite channels. I usually take my viewers on a journey to the pleasurable world of “Timeless Beauty”… a world of wit, sophistication and finesse. Authored two books that are the culmination of my training, experience and expertise. My most recent book, “Beyond Charm”, addresses some puzzling issues. It is punctuated with helpful do’s and don’ts to avoid those dreadfully embarrassing “faux pas”.  “Beyond Charm”  is now selling on Google Play. Was selected to be the first online course provider on the subject of “Children’s Etiquette” with  Ladies, I invite you to follow my up-coming articles about fashion trends in my boisterous cosmopolitan society…

Shirley Shalaby 
Master Etiquette Advisor 
Senior Style and Image Consultant
Shirley Shalaby Finishing and Modeling Institute, Heliopolis and New Cairo
Federation of Image Professionals International, UK