5 Ways I Am Working Smarter, Not Harder in 2017

With the new year all our resolutions have been flying around! Gyms are more full and fridges more empty. Our desk spaces start afresh with beautiful flowers and new pens and lots and lots of goals! The pressure is already mounting to stay on this entrepreneurial unicorn we have climbed upon.

One of the biggest things I want to strive towards this year is to get more balance in my life. It can become so easy to just work, 24/7, 7 days a week, look back and think; what did I actually achieve? The working world has become a very different place in the last 5 years as we all know and most especially if you work in the style industry. We are told it is easier than ever to work flexibly and with less hours but why then have many of us found ourselves working more hours?

This year my goal of creating this elusive balance has led me to create a list of ways I am actually going to achieve this by simplifying my life!


Recognising you don’t have to control everything and actually your business will flourish more if you are able to concentrate more on the things that actually mean more clients. I have come around to the approach that the cost of hiring other professionals i.e design, accountancy, social media will mean more money in the long run. Short term pain for long term gain! My rule of thumb has become I should be spending more time working on my business than I do ‘in’ my business. I have been inspired by this girl, Hilary Rushford who talks about ‘hustling with heart’ and working more efficiently. She regularly runs free webinars and social media live events that I find good!


With so much technology out there now that is supposed to make our life easier, why then do we feel like we spend half the time trying to find things, file things and research things?! This year I will be working a lot using social media with FIPI and so rather than spending endless hours using google to ‘research’, I have signed myself up to a local class on the the bits I need some more confidence with. I have also heard of a lot of clever ladies finding themselves a ‘digital buddy‘ who spends a day with them and gets them up to speed on all the apps they need, the diary systems that take everything online and other tools that means half the time spend ‘researching’.


I have started to create a much simpler filing system for myself (something I have been meaning to do for an age) and that includes sorting out my desktop, keeping only the files I need this year and storing the others on my hard drive. A tidy desk means a tidy mind, right! I have also been using a great app called ‘slack‘ which allows me to update clients on project work. So instead of emailing word documents and updates on how projects and tasks are going, I have simply created a ‘team folder’, invite whomever you want to share stuff with and get going! No opening of laptops and everything is stored in one place with your team while that project is ongoing. Love it.


Do you have a ‘way’ a system you love that helps you to do simple tasks like remembering to email that potential client or schedule work for something in terms of hours? Thinking about the systems I have been using has made me really create simpler processes. There’s a rhyme and reason to the order and communication surrounding your work, so what would it look like if you took a day or two to make a template that outlined your exact workflow so that if/when you hire someone to help you out, they can take over without skipping a beat? Check out Honeybook.com. I have not used it but know people who have and have said it has completely changed the way they work helping you to create automated client experiences and emails you are really proud of.


It is too easy as business owners and entrepreneurs to always be moving onto the next thing, the next project, the next potential client. We are always dreaming and scheming and I had spent 7 years pretty much doing this. But you know what, it’s tiring! This year I will concentrate on the things that really make money I feel I deserve and the work that adds value to me and my brand. You know, make the good great!

FIPI Membership Mentor & Builder


Founder of Stylefish.ie