FIPI Group

Welcome to the Federation of Image Professionals International (FIPI), a non-profit professional organisation that supports, develops, promotes and regulates the image profession both in the UK and internationally.

Image is now such an essential part of our lives that it has become impossible to ignore. Awareness of non-verbal communication, how we dress, perform and behave from the media through to the workplace, means that more and more of us are seeking the help of a specialist to provide us with a total image that creates an authentic impact and increased self confidence.  This need has led to a phenomenal growth in a profession which has evolved in breadth and depth and which, we are proud to say, now sits successfully alongside other personal and professional development industries.

It is not unusual to find companies choosing to employ an image professional to ensure that they, and their people, are consistently presenting themselves in alignment with the company’s values and mission.  Graduates, client facing individuals, executives and those who want to progress are regular seekers of the services our members provide.

Individuals seeking reassurance, or even a total transformation, frequently call on an image professional to ensure they are dressing in an authentic way, in balance with their lifestyle, budget and personal goals. A change in circumstance, a loss of ‘identity’ or a significant birthday are all possible triggers to bring in an expert, alongside dressing for an important event, an interview/ promotion or to create a manageable wardrobe.

As a result, the number of people entering the profession is constantly rising and FIPI is the supervisory body that inspires and educates, to help all our members achieve business success and recognition in any area of the profession they choose through our educational programmes and ATPs (accredited training providers).

Experienced members can attain Master status (MFIPI), the recognised professional qualification, by sitting the accredited Masters Award so clients, both personal and corporate, are assured that they have the expertise required.

To find a qualified professional image consultant click here.  For more information on the Masters Award click here.

What a great profession to be in! There has never been such an exciting time for our industry.  A person’s image and impact can transform lives, increase credibility and boast confidence; and ultimately this will enable a person to reach their goals.

FIPI is run by an executive board of professional image consultants.